Viscous Hydraulic Dampers (VFD Series)
Viscous Hydraulic Dampers (VFD Series)

Viscous Hydraulic Dampers (VFD Series)

Short Description:

Hysteresis hydraulic damper is based on the principle of fluid movement, when the fluid passes through the throttle hole will produce viscous resistance and is a kind of stiffness, speed related to the damper. Generally composed of cylinder, piston, piston rod, bushing, medium, pin head and other parts, the piston can be reciprocating in the cylinder, the piston is equipped with a damping structure, and the cylinder is filled with fluid damping medium. Viscous damper adopts low viscosity silicone oil as the medium, and the damping characteristics are realized by the principle of small hole excitation. From the working principle, the design of the damping structure, the life and reliability of the product, compared with the previous types of dampers have undergone revolutionary changes, representing the highest level of development of the current viscous damper technology.

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    For inquiries about our products or pricelist, please leave your email to us and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

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    For inquiries about our products or pricelist, please leave your email to us and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

    Product Features

    Single-acting, load returns Nitrocarburizing surface treatment improves load and wear resistance and provides corrosion protection.

    The telescopic cylinder has a longer stroke, saving time and simplifying the project by moving the load over greater distances and avoiding the use of temporary folding.

    Suitable for confined spaces: mechanical positioning, tool fastening.

    Mounting bolt holes for easy fixing.

    Up to 3% side load for maximum capacity.

    High-strength alloy steel for increased service life.

    All models are equipped with 3/8-18NPT ultra-high pressure quick couplings and high strength aluminum titanium threaded protective sleeves.

    Specs& Dims

    Model Load (T) Stroke  (mm) Speed index a Outer Diameter  (mm) Pin shaft bore diameter  (mm)
    KET-VFD-10 10 500 0.1<a<1 125 40
    KET-VFD-20 20 500 0.1<a<1 150 50
    KET-VFD-30 30 500 0.1<a<1 150 50
    KET-VFD-40 40 500 0.1<a<1 194 60
    KET-VFD-50 50 500 0.1<a<1 194 80
    KET-VFD-60 60 500 0.1<a<1 194 80
    KET-VFD-70 70 500 0.1<a<1 245 90
    KET-VFD-80 80 500 0.1<a<1 245 90
    KET-VFD-90 90 500 0.1<a<1 273 100
    KET-VFD-100 10 500 0.1<a<1 273 100
    KET-VFD-110 110 500 0.1<a<1 273 110
    KET-VFD-120 120 500 0.1<a<1 273 110


    Application industry

    Civil buildings: such as residential, office buildings, shopping malls and other multi-storey high-rise and large-span building structures

    Lifeline engineering: such as hospitals, schools, urban functional buildings

    Industrial buildings: such as plants, towers, equipment vibration damping

    Bridges: such as pedestrian bridges, viaduct bridges

    Pipes and valves in nuclear power, thermal power, petrochemical, steel and other industries



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